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Clarins and Isobar Taiwan co-created a complete online-to-offline communications ecosystem, using creativity, media and data. The key objective was to engage taiwan chat create a dialogue with potential new customers. Solution Introducing taiwan chat Clarins chatbot Isobar Taiwan created a chatbot for Clarins, and drove engagement by using segmented hooks to lead users to different dialogues, guiding them to download e-coupons, and utilising e-stamps to verify when a coupon was redeemed, enabling optimisation. The e-stamp also eased the pain of the redemption process for Clarins representatives, so they could focus on consulting with customers. Play Experience-led commerce The campaign exceeded all expectations, with Clarins not only attracting new customers, but also tracking consumer behaviour and further increasing store sales. Isobar succeeded in building awareness of the Clarins Chatbot, reaching more than 3 million consumers in the process.


Between both banks erupts the war possibility to cjat not allow to neglect, also isone taiwan chat Asian situation important focal points. According to the present Taiwan's national defense capability, counter-attacks the mainland the opportunity to be miniscule, butmainland China military powerunceasingly strengthened in recent years, the majority person believed mainland China had the ability under the premise which the foreign military force did not involve, in taiwwan short time "liberated" Taiwan with the military force.

According to the Taiwan Department of Defense's view, mainland China at present had missilesto aim at Taiwan, these missiles had the ability to hit in taiwan chat Island of Taiwan the cnat of goals, in addition China's air force, the navy also had the ability to control Taiwan after the war breaks out the sea area as well as the air supremacy.

But the American Department of Defense's report believed that, mainland China at present lands Taiwan's ability not too to be also enough, but already was allowed effective military blockade Taiwan. Mainland China government attacked for the military force to set up three prerequisites:The Taiwan independence, the Taiwan developmentnuclear weaponas well as have the foreign taiwan chat to involve the Taiwan problem.

The majority person believed, Taiwan once the announcement independence, Chinese lieutenant general does not hesitate all prices to solve the Taiwan problem with the military force.

Datememe requires

But also has the Taiwan independence public figure to believe taiwan chat will be the Taiwan independent most good opportunity, because in Beijingwill holdthe Olympic Games, the Chinese government will not be able easily to touch Taiwan taiwan chat taiiwan tense atmosphere. But the American government also publicly indicated, if the Taibei aspect will announce the independence, is regarded does the provocation, at the appointed time US will not be able to dispatch troops into battle involves the Taiwan sea war.

The Taiwan aspect also believed, in did not announce under the independent condition,USwill be able to protect Taiwan. The Taiwan authority pointed out,United States Congressin the end of ages through "Taiwan Relations Law" on explicitly listed the American government to defend Taiwan the duty.

Taiwan chat

Taiwan some kiss the Taiwan independence the public figure further pointed out,in Taiwan Straits missile crisisperiod, US on taiwan chat sent out twoaircraft carriersto the Taiwan Straits patrol, demonstrated US defended Taiwan the determination. But also some people suspected US whether is willing but to battle for Taiwan with mainland China.

Taiwan itself also is strengthening the national defense strength, Taiwan always is American munitions important purchase business.

Taiwan chat

After in Chen Shuibian comes on stage also proposes "beyond the border the decisive fhat the national defense concept, but Taiwan's missile also has the ability to attack mainland China coast some important cities. Although the Taiwan Straits eruption war possibility does not allow to underestimate, taiwsn the war opportunity or quite lowly in the short-term.

Chinglish perhaps? I'll take a whack at it later today. It really sounds taiwan chat a war geek wrote it.

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If someone could fix that I would be grateful. In the treaty China recognized the independence taiwan chat Korea and renounced any claims, ceded the southern portion of Fengtien current Shenyang, Liaoning province, the islands of Formosa or Taiwan and the Pescadores Islands to Japan. China also paid Japan taaiwan war indemnity of million Kuping taels, and opened various ports and rivers to international entry and trade.

It was just understood that they reverted. Why is it that all other land claimed in this treaty ended up back in Chinese control including Manchuria, Shenyang and Liaoning but due to he interference of the USA, Taiwan was exempt from this return of real property?

The very constitution of Taiwan most recently adjusted in to allow for the 'free elections' giving Chen his power is filled with the land claims of taiwan chat ROC which included Tibet, Manchuria, the 16 provinces and overseas Chinese. While in the power of the ROC, China accepted the ownership of Taiwan which they occupied and declared taiwan chat law.

In '71 when the ROC was asked to leave the UN Chamber and Beijing took their seat, Taiwan was not allowed to re-enter as an independent nation since Taiwan had represented themselves as not only the righful government of China but that Taipei was the very seat of the country. While America has supplied them with arms for a of years, they have politically given support to the one China policy and have only gone as far as saying that they would prefer that the claim be 'settled peacefully'.

Majority now identify themselves a Taiwanese This comment is probably no longer true.

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Wrong I am Taiwanese and though I am Taiwanese my race is certainly Chinese, no majority believe they are only Taiwanese. The only real Taiwanese here are the native people. I'm am Taiwanese but I'm also Chinese and all of us know this. Don't post "facts" taiwan chat make up. Polls aren't made up things. Don't assume to know the position of the people until cuat have spoken. How dare you?

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Now it is four years later. What do you think? Or perhaps it is only me can not find the data? These three conditions are: A Taiwanese declaration of independence, or Taiwanese development of nuclear weapons, or Direct foreign influence in Taiwan. So the three conditions do not include the "nuclear weapons' development" but include "refuse negotiations indefinitely".

After the Pacific war ,in the Treaty of San Francisco ed in Japan gave up the ruling right over Taiwan ,but Japan didn't give it to any other country. Therefore Taiwan does no belong to any other country and preserve chqt right to hold a referendum to decide the future status of its own. People's republic cht China, the last main communist country, knows that there is no way Taiwan would want to become part taiwan chat it if this referendum were hold.

And therefore it won't allow this referendum to be hold because It is very likely that Taiwan people will get rid of those things which the Chiang Kai-shek imposed upon Taiwan. SO this is really ironic because in the past these communists wanted to eliminate Chiang Kai-shek's Taiwan chat. Of course they don't want thoese things to be changed before they are ready to annex Taiwan.

On the other hand, unfortunately there are much more disputed territories for people's republic of China. For example, Diayutoi islands,just now part of Japan, is considered as its territory by People's republic of China.

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Besides almost all the islands in South China Sea ,ranging from straits of Malacca to the Strait of Taiwan, are also considered as its territory as well. In fact, their final goal is to control the sea-lane of east Asia and dominate east Asia ,controlling Japan by cutting its oil suply line and vhat USA by using Taiwan as a military base. The history has told us their goal very clearly if anyone remember the Sino-Vietnamese War in However, their claim is in vain because their true tauwan is to prevent another powerful country showing up in Southeast Asia, which could disserve their future plan to dominate East Asia.

The Army of People's republic of China quickly withdraw from Vietnam simply because they knew they were not strong enough and Soviet Union just would not allow it. Without Soviet Union taiwan chat doubt they would like to take over taiwan chat whole Vietnam as what they had done in Tibet if they were strong enough. They will reach the goal step by step.

For now their target is Taiwan,and Diayutoi islands is the next target after Taiwan. After these it's south China sea islands, especially Spratly Islands.

I bet the tendency of realizing this taiwan chat is getting more and more urgent because these communists continuously play the card of nationalism to caht their regime. What's worse,the dictator still tries to threaten the cchat by buying more guns from many other countries. I think the current situation of Taiwan is really similar to the situation of Czechoslovakia in If the world still adopt appeasement like Munich Agreement ,it is very likely that these communists will try futher as Hitler tried to built up his Riech after Munich Agreement.

Merging with Taiwan cession I am chqt that Taiwan cession should be merged into this article. Taiwan cession deals with a very specific topic, is not a bad article, and merging it into this would just bloat this. Certainly, this should link to Taiwan cession, but that separate article can discuss the Taiwan cession in more detail.

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I believe the Taiwan cession can be further elaborated. At the same time, since the Taiwan's political status highly depends on how international treaties are interpreted and whether the Laws taiwan chat war are considered into this interpretation, at least an excerpt of the Taiwan cession article should exist on Political status of Taiwannot just a link though.

Taiwan chat

Can you elaborate? Discussion of the relevant treaties must be given here. There's no point in leaving any of it out. The interpretation would be quite delicate and taiwsn would involve some supreme court decisions. Therefore, the entry could be expanded on this aspect taiwan chat tiawan may not be the common interest for the general public who are interested in learning the current Taiwan political taiwan chat. If one can nicely put everything together without losing the focus while keeping pertinent information, I would not insist my opinion.

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However, if too many things have to be trimed, I would rather keep the s as it is. We taiwan chat always split things out later but everything currently at Taiwan cession looks relevant to me so I'm still not sure what would be not. Other mentions would belong at history of Taiwan.

Reading the two articles, there seems to be a taiwan chat amount of overlap in what they discuss. I've recently added the developments section taiwan chat thisand I feel like it should also belong on the foreign relations of Taiwan. In fact, in general, when I want to add something to either article, I find myself unsure which one I want to add it to, and I dislike copying and pasting from one article to the other, because maintaining the same text in two articles is not a very good plan.

Is there anything on this that couldn't also go on the other article? My suggestion would be to merge this article into foreign relations of Taiwan—the biggest problem seems to be that it would be a big job, since both are pretty fairly developed and well-organized articles. Foreign relations discusses the ROC's relations with other governments. To declare cross-relations to be "foreign relations" is POV. The domestic positions in Taiwan and the relative military strength of the sides is also not relevant to the issue of foreign relations.

Taiwan chat

As for the " developments" section, it gives lopsided coverage to the past few days, which, in my opinion, should not yaiwan stressed give the lack of coverage elsewhere. The comments were not international headline material.

We also left out events that happened early in the year. There is no mention of the referendum or government statements during the time of the presidential election in the section. We should start an article on U. The PRC's various white papers and announcements made over the years need to be incorporated into the short "Position of the PRC" section. It seemed to me the earlier edit and title was clearer for the readers to understand every parties' position on this debate.

Mababa26 Nov UTC We only make headers when there are at least a couple taiwan chat good-sized paragraphs in the section. Otherwise, the table of contents will become to cumbersome. I removed: Thus, the retrocession day proclaimed by Chen Yi Kuomintang on Dec 25, would be null in this sense. Furthermore, since the Cairo declaration was in fact an uned press communique, its legal effectiveness was questionable.

We never said the Cairo Declaration had legal force. We said the instrument of surrender and peace treaties taiwan chat. Chen Yi made no legal declaration, I believe.

Retrocession day is a holiday, not a transfer of sovereignty. Since both China were not invited to participate this treaty, and thus were not being defined as the Allied Powers in article 23a, the Chinese governments were legally prohibited from being benefited from Taiwan's sovereignty taiwan chat to Article

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